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Why Use RFID Key Tags?

RFID has advantages over traditional barcode key tags. Where barcodes have to be seen by a reader, RFID tags can be read as long as they are within range of a reader. This makes RFID access and check-in more efficient.
Barcodes can also fade, and if torn they won't scan. RFID is a stronger, longer lasting, and more secure solution for most of our customers. CI Solutions makes transitioning to RFID key tags easy. Contact us to get started with your RFID project.
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Material Choices

We offer high quality key tags in laminated teslin, PVC or 3D resin. We can help you decide on the material that's best for your organization.
  • Laminated Teslin: teslin key tags are thin, bendable cards that have been laminated for protection.
  • PVC: Made from PVC material, these key tags are thicker and sturdier cards, but lack protective laminate.
  • 3D Resin: epoxy, or resin key tags are PVC cards that have been covered on both sides with a clear, see-through, resin.
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Key Tag Technology

Adding barcode, magnetic stripe or RFID technology to your cards allows for access, tracking and verification. We have software in place to help you with every aspect of your member program.
Take advantage of CI Solution's state-of-the-art service bureau facility to produce high-quality, attractive key tags.
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Key Tag Shapes

We offer 13 standard shapes printed on .030 mil Polyester/Teslin 3-part laminate. You also have the option to create your own custom shape. With the variety of shape options we have available the possibilities are endless!
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key tag printing
We offer high quality key tags in laminated teslin, PVC, and 3D resin. We can help you decide on the material that's best for your organization.
Pricing is based on the shape and technology of your key tags. We offer various form factors, shapes, and technologies including RFID. Complete the form and receive a quote from an account representative.

Form Factors

Unique form factors strengthen your brand and image. We offer multiple form factors such as wristbands and fobs.


Add RFID, bar-code or magnetic stripe technology to your cards. Technology allows you to provide access, track and verify.


Four color process printing ensures your key tags will look professional and clean. We offer teslin cards with superior lamination quality.


Pricing starts at quantities of 1,000 cards and is based on the type of card. Use the form to get a custom quote from a CI Consultant.