ID Card FAQ | Find Answers to Our Most Asked Questions About ID Cards


Find answers to commonly asked questions about ID cards, card systems and printing.
Should I use RFID, bar code or magnetic stripe card technology?
This depends on any existing or new systems you will be using along with your ID cards such as door access systems, tracking and/or verification software, check-in/out programs, etc. CI Solutions will find the card format that works with these systems and design an ID card that integrates RFID, barcode, and/or magnetic stripe depending on what the card will be used for.
What brand/type of card will work with my existing facility software programs and hardware? (Example: door access, tracking & verification software, payment services)
Our goal is to help you avoid wasting money on the wrong card format. CI Solutions will conduct an analysis of all your existing programs and hardware, as well as any new programs you are planning to use, and provide you the card brands/types that will work with your applications.
I need a new ID card design, can CI Solutions help me?
CI Solutions' Graphics Team has designed cards for thousands of organizations. We can provide you with multiple design and layout options based on your industry and brand.
What kind of card printer do I need to print my cards?
This depends on the type of card technology you are using (RFID and/or magstripe), if you are printing on one or both sides of your cards, and if you are printing color or just black and white text. CI Solutions offers pre-printed card stock and half-panel color ribbons to keep printing time to a minimum as well as competitive pricing on the leading card printers in the market.
What kind of software do I need to print my cards?
Our CI Badge card printing software allows you to easily print and enroll RFID cards. We will install your card designs/layouts and train you on how to print cards.
What supplies do I need to print my cards?
Card printers require printer ribbon (ink) to print. You will also need pre-printed card stock, or blank white PVC cards, and printer cleaning supplies. We are a premier supplier of printer ribbon, cardstock, custom designed lanyards, and ID badge attachments.
How long will it take to print all my ID cards?
We pride ourselves on helping people reduce the time and effort it takes printing ID cards. With our card printing service, you can securely transfer pictures and information to CI Solutions for the manufacturing of your ID cards. Our team will print your cards and mail them to you sorted for distribution. If you choose to print your cards yourself, we can supply you with a high-end card printer for fast and efficient ID printing at your facility.
Can CI Solutions print my ID cards for me?
Yes, we can! With our card printing service you can securely transfer pictures and information to CI Solutions for the manufacturing of your ID cards. Our team will print your cards and mail them to you sorted for distribution.
How do I print cards as needed on-site at my office?
To print new or replacement ID cards, CI Solutions provides Card Printing Systems that allow you to print in your office or facility. Card printing systems include our CI Badge printing software, a card printer, and all the supplies necessary for printing. Each Card Printing System is tailored to the unique needs of our customers. We provide low, medium, and high-volume options along with various system configurations for fast and convenient printing.
How do I setup my new card printing system?
With a CI Solutions service and support contract you never have to worry about problems with your card printing system. CI Solutions' Technical Service Team will help install and train you on your new system. If you ever have any trouble using your card printing system our Technical Service Team is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
Will CI Solutions train me and my staff on how to use our new card printing system?
Of course! Our Technical Service Team is made up of certified card printer technicians and software specialists. Our service agreements were designed to provide the best ID support available in the industry.
Can CI Solutions provide me with lanyards and badge holders?
CI Solutions is a supplier of custom lanyards, badge attachments, card holders, and more. Easily order attachments by phone or email.
What happens if my printer breaks?
A CI Solutions Service Agreement grants you access to our certified Technical Support Team. If you experience any problems with your card printer or software we provide remote technical assistance, printer rentals, and printer repair services. Most printers come with a minimum 2-year warranty.
Can I order more supplies through CI Solutions?
Re-ordering cards and supplies through CI Solutions is easy. Once you are setup in our system as a customer you can place re-orders by phone or email and expect shipment in 1-2 days.

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