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"We started Card Integrators to help customers understand the evolving choices with identification card technologies. Our team realized early on that we excelled at putting together various types of card issuance solutions, and we attempt each and every day to improve on those solutions.
My message to our team is simple - Be the best that you can be and operate at a high level of professionalism and trust. Our commitment to each other, our customers, and our partners will continue to be our driving force."
Mark Cole - President of CI Solutions
Card Integrators Corporation

CI Solutions gives something no one else in the industry can. MORE. More personal attention. More innovative ideas. And more customer support.

CI Solutions has been in business for over 22 years. In a world of continuously evolving technologies, our consultants will help you identify the card solutions that will meet your needs, now and in the future.
  • 1969Where it All Began

    Working out of his Southern California home, Bill Cole served as the West Coast representative for Avant Incorporated. Avant, out of Massachusetts was a pioneer of the photo ID and lamination business. As demand for identification systems boomed in the late 60’s and early 70’s, so did operations.
  • 1970Cutting Edge Technology

    The Avant Quad Four ID Camera separated one exposure of a Polaroid into four images to be used in photo identification. This was the beginning of the photo ID industry with cut and paste ID card processing.
  • 1979The Family Business

    Continues Demand for identification and security solutions blossomed. Bill Cole established a growing pool of West coast customers, thanks to a high-service, responsive and professional business style.

    At this time Mark Cole began working summers as an intern.
  • 1980'sAdditional Card Technologies Arise

    Magnetic stripe, bar code and proximity technology all provide practical solutions for businesses including access control, time & attendance, membership check-in, classroom attendance, food service and point-of-sale. With this growth, AMCARD became known as a national player in the business of technology driven ID card solutions
  • 1990'sA Technology Paradigm Shift

    Direct printing technology was now pervasive and at a price point that made purchase, implementation, and ease of use wide-spread.

    Manually processed cut-and-paste ID cards were being replaced by direct card printing and database software applications. Businesses were looking to make their identity management systems current with the available card and card reading technologies.
  • 1994Card Integrators is Born

    The firm was focused on developing, marketing and implementing solutions for ID card issuance and integrated card capabilities. A true paradigm shift from a sales & marketing business model to a fully integrated systems development and service provider.
  • 2004CI Solutions

    Not a New Company. Just a new idea. As a company called Card Integrators, we provided our customers with the card technology solutions they desired most. But we soon discovered that in order to keep our clients coming back, we had to give them something they just couldn’t find anywhere else: More.
  • 2006Growing Pains

    After ten years in business, CI Solutions was ready for a place of its own. A new business park in Los Alamitos was the ticket! New, spacious office space helped us reconfigure our card technology group, both for today and to grow in the future. 3625 Serpentine Drive in Los Alamitos, CA.
  • 2010Third Generation

    Growing with evolving technologies, CI Solutions was able to secure the talents of Miles and Taylor Cole to continue the family legacy business. Initially starting at the ground level with new market opportunities, years of warehouse and service bureau production helped Miles and Taylor form a well-rounded understanding of how our organization can continue to be successful for years to come.
  • 2014Moore’s Law

    “Technology processing power will double every two years”. By embracing change and understanding how improved technical capabilities can enhance our ability to better service our customers, CI Solutions has continued to separate itself as a value-added, card technology systems integrator. Whatever has been produced today will be improved in the future.
  • 2019Full Circle

    Beginning in 1994 with the goal to combine software, hardware and “cardware” into configured system solutions for customers, CI Solutions has established loyal and satisfied “raving fans” that support our efforts. We continue to focus on service and relationships where we can integrate our strengths with strategic partners in key markets. We look forward to building on this story for years to come!

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