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CI Badge is a powerful ID card issuance program that serves thousands with flexible image capture, robust data connectivity and unlimited card printing bringing simplicity to complex, secure ID card production.
Each version of our CI Badge Card Printing Software is customized to your specific card printing needs. We base our solutions on a number of factors in order to create the best long-term solution for your organization. Start your card printing program by scheduling a demo with us today.

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Look up a record, take a photo, click print.

CI Badge is the software program that connects your camera, card printer, and database. Using a connected camera and CI Badge, you can easily send print jobs to your card printer. You can also import your current database into CI Badge. Simply look up a record in CI Badge, take a photo if needed, and click print.
No matter what you use your cards for, CI Badge can be configured to your specific requirements. Schedule a demo to see why CI Badge is the perfect tool for any type of ID card printing.
CI Solutions is a great company. They had a quick response to my inquiries and even further, helped our company find a solution to our product id card problem. They have great customer service and are honest, genuine people. We will continue to use their services and take advantage of the products they have to offer.

Nilesh Patel

System Requirements and FAQs

Download System Requirements Document
CI Badge Requirements
The following are the minimum requirements for the computer in which the CI Solutions software will be installed:
  • Intel Core i3 or newer
  • 4GB of memory (8GB recommended)
  • 20GB of free hard drive space for data storage
  • Fully installed Microsoft Access 2010 or later version must be 32-bit (Not compatible with Microsoft Access 64-bit Version)*

*Full version of Microsoft Access is not a requirement; it is an essential application tool for troubleshooting.

Available Ports:
  • Installation Files: USB port
  • Camera: USB port
  • Printer: USB port or Parallel (depends upon the printer)
  • Signature Pad: USB Port
  • Fingerprint Pad: USB port
  • Driver License/Business Card Scanner: USB port
Operating Systems:
  • Windows 7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit
SQL Server Minimum Requirements
SQL Server Minimum Requirements**
  • x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz - Processor Type: x64 Processor: AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support
  • Express Editions: 512 MB of memory
  • All other editions: 1 GB of memory

SQL Server Enterprise and Web are supported on Windows Server 2016 and 2012.

SQL Server Standard, Developer, and Express are supported on Windows 2016, 2012, 10, and 8.1.

**Server not required if you are running the native local access database for CI Badge.

Where can I find support for the ID system?
Internet Access for remote technical support can be found at
Do I need a full version of Microsoft Access installed?
Installation of CI Badge includes Microsoft Access Run-Time version which allows our users to run an Access desktop application, such as CI Badge without purchase or install of a full version. A full version of Microsoft Access is highly recommended for efficient troubleshooting and accelerated turnaround time on technical issues. Anyone interested in exporting data out of CI Badge will need a full version of Microsoft Access installed and licensed on the computer with CI Badge installed.
What's the difference between Microsoft Access Run-Time and a full version of Microsoft Access?
Microsoft Access Run-Time version allows users to view, edit and delete data, as well as running queries, reports, form etc. The full version of Microsoft Access allow users to also change the design of Microsoft Access tables, queries, reports, forms, etc.
If I have the full version of Microsoft Access installed, will I need to change any settings?
If you have the full version of Microsoft Access the Macro Settings must be set to "Enable all Macros." This will be performed by a CI Solutions technician during the installation phase.


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