Pre-Printed ID Cards

Save time and money on ID production with this high quality, long lasting ID card.

ID cards are pre-printed with your universal artwork leaving the necessary areas blank in order to personalize each card.

Instead of printing the same color graphics on every card with your card printer/ribbon, the graphics (or artwork) on pre-printed ID cards are layered into the card during the manufacturing process.
See the example to the right. The Student ID card is printed with the school's logo & artwork leaving the designated areas for the photo, name and ID number blank.
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Slide arrow to the right to see card after personalization.

Pre-Printed Card Stock (Backs)

Pre-printed information and graphics on the back of your ID cards is a great way to save time and money on ID card production. There's no need to waste time and ribbon printing information that remains the same from card to card.
Additional Card Features:
QR CODE - Supports direct link to web site, email or phone number with standard smart phone
MAGSTRIPE - Common for POS, debit, pay-for-print and access control systems
pre-printed ID cards

100% PVC Cards VS Composite Cards

Standard cards are made from 100% PVC plastic and are more susceptible to cracking or breaking over time. If you're looking for a durable ID card that will last through years of use, composite cards are made of a blended material with greater flex and impact strength.
If you're searching for a fast and inexpensive way to printing cards, pre-printed ID cards are the best solution. Manufactured, pre-printed ID cards, are durable, cost-effective, and look great. Contact CI Solutions using the form below for a quote on pre-printed ID cards.
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