Pre-Printed ID Cards | Get PVC Cards With Pre-Printed Graphics
Pre-Printed ID Cards

ID cards are pre-printed with your universal artwork leaving the necessary areas blank so you can personalize each card.

Printing cards using pre-printed card stock is faster and more affordable than printing on blank white cards. With pre-printed cards, there's no need to print the background design on each card.

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Pre-printed ID cards

How Does it Work?

CI Solutions' Card Design Team will work with you to create a high-quality graphic design. A design proof will then be emailed to you for approval. After you approve your design, our team will begin producing your cards. After production, we will ship your cards to you for customization.
Customization includes printing all variable information on your cards, such as names, photos, and ID numbers. CI Solutions provides card printing systems that make it easy for you to personalize your pre-printed cards.

We Design Your Cards

We Produce Your Cards

We Ship Your Cards to You

The graphics on a knock-out card are layered into the actual card, creating a high-resolution graphics card.

Printing on blank white cards is expensive and time-consuming. Knock-out cards (or pre-printed cards) are a great way to save money because you only have to print the information that changes from card to card (name, ID number, etc.). Knock-out cards are more durable and come with "built-in" graphics, making them higher-quality compared to blank-PVC printed cards.
pre-print basic - beforepre-print basic - after
pre-printed ID cards

Pre-Printed Card Stock (Backs)

Pre-printed information and graphics on the back of your ID cards is a great way to save time and money on ID card production. There's no need to waste time and ribbon printing information that remains the same from card to card.
Additional Card Features:
QR CODE - Supports direct link to web site, email or phone number with standard smart phone
MAGSTRIPE - Common for POS, debit, pay-for-print and access control systems

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