IDP Card Printers | Introducing the New SMART 51 SERIES


Introduciung the New SMART 51 Series IDP Card Printers

The new IDP Smart 51 Series card printers offer a wide range of features including Ethernet, smart card encoding, and a field upgradeable lamination unit. The new Smart 51 ID card printers are available as single-sided and dual-sided units.
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SMART-51 is 10% faster compared to the former SMART-50 series ID Card Printer. Up to 212 cards / hour for single-sided color (YMCKO) printing.


Electronic locks can be activated to secure the printer from use during shipment and if stolen. Optional physical locks can secure the cards, ribbon, and laminate film installed in the printers. Further, printers can be ordered with optional Kensington lock slots for use with cable locks.


SMART-51 is consturcted with a metal frame and steel ball bearings to ensure many years of reliable service with little maintenance.
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SMART 50S (Single-Sided)$1,8903 Years
SMART 50D (Dual-Sided)$,25903 Years
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Secure Credentials

We offer verification (check-in) and visitor management software that allows you to print cards, verify card holder activity and provide security throughout your organization.
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RFID Printing

Our RFID card printing services makes the transition to RF technology easy and cost-efficient. We offer RFID enrollment software, card printers and custom RFID card stock.

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