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July 26, 2017
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A dual-technology card combines multiple RFID chip types to allow you to use one card for things like door access, payment and check-out/in programs. Dual-technology cards are becoming increasingly popular in almost every industry because they eliminate the need for people to carry multiple cards.

How Many RFID Frequencies Exist?

There are three RFID frequencies: low, high and ultra-high frequency. Each type has a different read-range between the card and the card reader.
Before dual-tech cards became available, organizations were only able to use cards with one type of RFID frequency. A "one-card" environment streamlines how your organization uses cards while eliminating the headaches involved issuing multiple cards for different uses.
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How to Implement a Dual Technology Card

Finding the right card technology is a crucial step in implementing new programs or RFID cards. The first step is to schedule a call with an ID expert. At CI Solutions we'll analyze your current card programs and find the cards that work according to your specific requirements. Saving you time and money while building the perfect card issuance program for your organization is what CI Solutions is all about.
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