CI Verify | Check-In & Verification Software With Card Scanning
CI Visitor
Visitor ID Solutions

Easy-to-use visitor ID printing and verification program.

Quickly capture a visitor’s picture and signature for visitor pass printing with a driver license scanner.
Visitor ID Card Printing Software


At the heart of CI Solutions' purpose is the integration of multiple capabilities into one card. Our CI Visitor solution, combined with state of the art equipment, and print services, creates a powerful resource for our customers.
We provide RFID, magstripe, and barcode technology cards. Most of our customers use RFID cards to better track and verify card holders throughout their organization. RFID cards are easy to implement and can be used in conjunction with barcode and magstripe.
Unlimited Amount of Records
ODBC Compliant
Data Import/Export
Multiple Security Levels
Network Ready
Custom Reports Module
Visit Countdown
Name or ID Number Search

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