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Bus Pass Card Printing Solutions

Backed by the power of Synovia, CI Solutions provides bus pass and student ID card printing solutions that are compatible with Synovia Solutions’ student tracking system.
How your school gets cards into the hands of students is an important consideration. Contact us to find the right card and bus pass solution for your school.

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What card technology is right for me?

Student Ridership from Synovia Solutions supports both barcode and RFID technology. The two are different technologies and can offer several advantages to each customer.

The main difference is that barcodes are line-of-sight technology and a scanner has to “see” the barcode to read it. The barcoded card must be oriented towards the bus reader to scan properly and if the card has been scratched or soiled, there is no way to scan the card. RFID cards on the other hand can be read as long as they are within range of a reader.

What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) comes in many forms and is used all over the world to better track people and items. RFID technology utilizes radio waves to identify students by reading information from their card or key tag. By automating the data collection process, it allows you to track and monitor students entering and exiting the bus.

Can we issue one card for student ID cards and bus passes?

Yes, one card can be used both as a student ID card and bus pass with the Here Comes The Bus application from Synovia Solutions. CI Solutions offers a complimentary “Card Process Optimization” (CPO) to ensure your cards are compatible with all of your existing systems in your district.

How long does it take to print my bus passes?

With a provided bus pass printing system from CI Solutions, color bus passes can be printed as quickly as 13 seconds per card. CI Solutions offers pre-printed card stock and half-panel color ribbons to keep printing time to a minimum.

Can we outsource our bus pass printing during the busy season?

Yes, CI Solutions provides print fulfillment and distribution services to help with busy registration periods. Cards are sorted and sent to school sites or directly to parents.

What is the best way to attach bus passes?

To help protect the life of the bus pass, CI Solutions recommends a soft vinyl card holder and strap loop or lanyard. Cards can be worn by students or easily attached to a back pack.

You can get a quote for lanyards HERE.