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April 3, 2018
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May 29, 2019


We need to reprint all of our ID cards with a new design and
card technology, can CI Solutions help me?

Step 1: Finding the Right Card

Our team consists of experts in card technology. It can be hard to find the right cards that work with access control applications, tracking software, GPS systems, routing systems, and more. We'll find you the card format that works with your new and existing applications, but we won't stop there.
Once we've identified the right card technology, our team will work with you to ensure your cards work properly with any systems or software applications you have in place. CI Solutions provides all formats and brands of cards at a competitive price, making us an industry leader in card solutions.

Step 2: Design & Printing Options

Our graphics team creates high-quality card designs for all types of businesses, schools, and organizations. When it comes to re-issuing all your ID cards CI Solutions provides two options:
Option1: Print Service - CI Solutions will print all your new cards for you, eliminating the long process of printing at your facility. Cards will come printed with your new design and each individual's information (name, ID number, and any other variable information you'd like printed).
We will also update your CI Badge printing application with your new card layout, making it easy for you to print cards at your facility as needed. We offer pre-printed (knock-out) cards that make printing at your facility easier, or we can supply you with blank white cards.
Option 2: We will update your CI Badge card printing application with your new card design and provide you with supplies to print your new ID cards at your facility. If you don't have CI Badge, don't worry! CI Badge is an easy-to-use application that is quick to install.

Last Step: Reprinting Your Cards

CI Badge allows for an unlimited amount of card layouts. No matter how many cards, CI Solutions can help find, design, and print your new ID cards. Contact one of our Systems Consultants to get started with a new design and/or card technology.