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E-Card Data and Picture Requirements

Welcome to ECARDS

Our ECARD service was designed to make card production easy. With CI Solutions ECARD service you'll get to work directly with a card designer to build a great looking card. The following steps will guide you through the ECARD process.
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Step 1: Design

The design process begins with deciding how you would like your card to appear. What information do you want to show on your card? This will be discussed with a CI Solutions graphics consultant.
You will receive a proof before any printing will begin. Once all approvals on your design have been received we can move to Step 2.

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Step 2: Preparing Data

You will receive an Excel template, unique for your badge requirements. Please use this format to submit all orders. All records on your submitted Excel file will be processed as received.
Please make sure all spelling is correct. Use upper or upper and lowercase as per your design. This information is imported and any errors will be subject to reprint fees to make corrections.
First NameLast NameTitleID #JPG Photo Name
MaryKaneOFFICE STAFF23487mary.jpg
BobMurphyTECH DEPT26771murphy.jpg

Step 2 Continued: Providing Photos

Below are a few examples to consider when taking ID photos. Note the elements of a good photo:
  • Centered Correctly
  • Good Lighting
  • Clean Background
  • Nice Facial Expression
  • No Hat or Sunglasses
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Step 3: Submitting Your Order

Fill in all information needed for each card using the Excel format provided to you by CI Solutions. This information will be imported and printed as it is received. Attach all .jpgs photos with names that correspond to the names on the Excel sheet.
If you need a rush on any order you can request this at any time. We will do all we can to meet your timeline. This may require a different shipping method, you will be notified before shipping if this is necessary.
E-mail your order to ecards@cardintegrators.com and be sure to include the following information on all orders:
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Attached Photos
  • Ship attn:(to whom)
  • Your Phone Number
You will received an auto-reply that your order has been received. Once your order is received the turn around time is usually 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the order. Your order will ship as you have requested. The cost is deducted from your deposit. It is that easy!

Secure Cloud Service and Additional Information

If your order file size is more than 5 MB's, please use our cloud file sharing service.
If you choose to use our secure cloud file sharing service you must request access. Please contact our E-Card department at ecards@cardintegrators.com or call us at 800-599-7385 to have your service set-up. We will provide you a login and password along with instructions on using the service.
When using the cloud file sharing service, be sure to email ecards@cardintegrators.com after you have delivered your files. Delivering your data is not considered placing an order. Your order will only be processed once you have delivered your data and/or pictures and you have notified us of delivery of these items.
As part of E-Cards other special features can apply to your account. Your order will be processed and the amount will be deleted from your account. No need to supply a payment or credit card information at this time.
We also can accommodate any special request such and ordering restrictions from your staff, orders needing a P.O. number per order or whatever you may require. At this time you may wish to include a badge attachment or lanyard for each card, E-card members can purchase accessories as needed per badge.
VISIT OUR CATALOG to view options
Included with each order you will receive a picking sheet that will have your current open sales order information. This will show your current order and all prior orders and shipping information for each order on your E-card account.

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