Data Sharing | How to Securely Send Data for ID Card Printing

Data Security

We take the security of your data very seriously. Our cloud-share service provides protected access for file sharing and the ability to delete your data once our services are complete. Please note that our cloud-share service makes it easy for you to monitor and delete your data at any time and that it is your responsibility to delete your data upon completion of our services.
For security purposes, we do not accept excel files, photos, or any data via email. We do not sell, share or expose your data to any third party at any time.

Data & Picture Sharing Instructions

You should have recently received an email with subject line "CI Solutions has shared [your customer number] with you". This email will include a link and access information for you to log into our cloud file-share site.
Data Privacy Policy
Our cloud file share service is fully compliant with HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA, and incorporates AES-256 bit military-grade encryption.
Card Integrators Corporation will not share, sell, or compromise your data in any form.
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How to Organize Your Data

The data file will need to be one of the following: Excel File or CSV File.
Each column of the data file should only hold 1 piece of data. For example, first and last names should be in separate columns.
The photo folder should contain picture files with names that are an exact match to the card holder's ID number.


Example Data File (Excel or CSV)

Note: Please make sure all spelling is correct. Use upper or upper and lowercase as per your design. This information is imported and any errors will need to be corrected before printing.
First NameLast NameID Number

Why do we need this information?

Student data (such as student pictures, names, and ID numbers) are used to create your ID cards. Student data typically comes from a Student Information System (SIS). Once we receive your student data through our secure cloud filesharing service we can begin printing your ID cards.

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