Case Study: Kern Community College District -
Vineland Public Schools Streamlines District-ID Card Management
February 28, 2018
We need to reprint all of our ID cards with a new design and card technology, can CI Solutions help me?
June 7, 2018

Case Study: Kern Community College District

Customized ID card printing systems for a district-wide ID solution.


The Kern Community College District was faced with implementing a new district-wide ID program after their contract with US Bank had ended.
The District's main goal was to provide students a card that could be used for library services, access to print in computer labs, student activity benefits and others services as the campus card program expanded.


In order to streamline card printing and issuance, the new carding system had to be integrated with their existing Banner Student Information System. It was crucial that students were receiving the correct ID card without any errors.
Working between 3 different campuses and their environments, the Kern Community College District wanted a system that was flexible in order to accommodate the specific needs of each college. The system also needed to be easy to use for the people operating the system.

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Cl Solutions worked with Kern USD to make sure that not only were the systems integrated, but each campus received a system specialized to their unique needs. At each college Cl Badge ID Software was set up to view enrolled student information and print ID cards.
Each campus could now capture current student ID photos and print on preprinted card stock, saving the district money on printing materials and time on card printing. A protective layer of lamination was also added to each card to guarantee cards lasted throughout the year.
The campuses cut down on printing time with a Banner integration that allows ID system users to search registered students by last name or ID number and pull up current student information for ID card printing.