Card Printer Trade In Program | Trade in Your Card Printer for a Discount

Trade in your printer and receive a discount on a new printer or credit toward printer supplies.

Evolis recently announced the end of spare parts availability for the Pebble and Dualys printers!
From September 1 to December 31, 2018, Evolis is offering special conditions on its Trade-In / Trade-Up recovery program which increases the number of discounts on Primacy Simplex and Primacy Duplex card printers.
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Primacy: Dual-Sided$380
Primacy: Single-Sided$250
Quantum 2 Printer$600


Trade-in printer must be received prior to discount being provided. Credit is conditional on printhead and main board being present on trade-in printer. The trade-in printer does not have to be working. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer for trade-in.

Qualifying Trade-in Printers

Any Evolis or competing brand card printer may be traded in. Trade-in printers are required to include the board. Printers that qualify for trade-in are determined by Evolis.
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