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Our products include blank PVC cards, magstripe, barcode, RF, Mifare and smart cards. Contact us for a custom quote.
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Our card printing software is easily customized to your organization's needs. Increase security with our tracking and verification software.

Student and Staff ID Solutions

Security is a top priority for educational institutions. From the smallest charter school to the largest school district, all are concerned with ensuring the safety of students, staff, and community.

To maintain campus safety, everyone on campus must be identified and verified at all times. CI Solutions' campus ID systems are tailored to meet the varying needs of single-site educational facilities and multi-site districts.

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Access Control, Tracking & ID Solutions

Access control is critical for corporations. Employee ID cards and a central image database add levels of identification to your company security processes, giving you the ability to track and monitor who is in your facility at all times.

Perhaps more than any other industry, companies in the corporate sector rely upon expensive hardware and equipment, proprietary information, and highly sensitive data. These assets need to be secured at all times.

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Faster Patient Care and Increased Security

Recent events have made security critical for healthcare operations, from the largest hospital provider to small home health agencies, medical facilities are concerned about running efficient, low-cost operations that provide the security for employees and patients. Photo ID cards in a healthcare setting can quickly identify an unauthorized person in a secured area.

Advanced badging capabilities can authorize appropriate staff and medical personnel into restricted areas such as surgical rooms. You can even add automatic debit functionality for food or gift purchases.

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Increase Member Loyalty

Whether you manage a gym, winery, casino or country club you need a simple, none intrusive system to identify members and their guests.

Ensuring the security of your facilities and keeping amenities exclusive to paying members are just two of the benefits of a comprehensive and up-to-date membership ID system.

CI Solutions can help you deliver fast, easy registration and fast check-in, all with a thin, glossy, professional membership ID card. From access control to member rewards programs, our systems give you a secure way to monitor facility usage and improve member loyalty.

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Efficient ID and Tracking Solutions

Our CI Badge software issues secure, durable photo identification credentials for employees, volunteers, staff, and contractors at all levels of government. Integrated cardware technology supports barcode, magnetic stripe, and radio frequency cards, as well as UHF (ultra high frequency) technology for your existing or new applications.

CI Solutions also offers tracking software that verifies and tracks first responders, volunteers and staff in emergency situations and settings. Our solutions include biometrics and access control for the highest level of security.

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University, Community, and Adult Education

CI Solutions has worked with hundreds of colleges over the past 25 years and continues to offer new solutions every year. Our list of clients includes more than 80 of the California Community Colleges, who rely on our systems to provide full photo id management, credential issuance, student tracking software, access control, integrated security solutions, debit functionality, library cards, visitor management, and more.

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Case Study

Student bus passes provide the peace-of-mind that your student riders are on the correct route to and from school. CI Solutions offers easy-to-use card printing systems that integrate with your current student information and routing software databases.
Discover how we helped Park Hill Unified School District find the RFID card that would work with their new bus tracking solution.
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